Sunday, 28 December 2014

Valentine’s Day kids Card Using Noodles

Valentine’s Day kids Card Using Noodles

We work on kids project so that let’s pick something very lovable to child…..It’s noodle. Noodles is a favorite food of most of children. Make a card with noodle’s. I give a caption  to this lovely crafts “Noodle-Doodle card”
valentine's day kids card ideas
Valentine’s Day Kids Card
Steps ::
1. Take a noodle and partially color them with your children.

2. Using cotton thread, make a noodle necklace using other decorative accessories.
3. Use noodle necklace in decorative portion of cards.
A cute quotes on cards are :: You Make Me Lose My Noodle!  Card is ready in three little steps. Enjoy cute card with your children. Try it on next valentine’s day .

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