Valentine’s Day kids Card Using Noodles

Valentine’s Day kids Card Using Noodles

We work on kids project so that let’s pick something very lovable to child…..It’s noodle. Noodles is a favorite food of most of children. Make a card with noodle’s. I give a caption  to this lovely crafts “Noodle-Doodle card”
valentine's day kids card ideas
Valentine’s Day Kids Card
Steps ::
1. Take a noodle and partially color them with your children.

2. Using cotton thread, make a noodle necklace using other decorative accessories.
3. Use noodle necklace in decorative portion of cards.
A cute quotes on cards are :: You Make Me Lose My Noodle!  Card is ready in three little steps. Enjoy cute card with your children. Try it on next valentine’s day .


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