8 DIY Gift wrapping ideas

8 DIY Gift wrapping ideas

Gifts become more special and attracting by their wrapping style. Different style of gift wrapping ideas for a different sized gifts . Choose gift wrapping idea from below collection according to gift-size, gift type and occasions.

 1) Button Knot

Instead of simple knot on gift box, Use button and make a knot upon any button. It looks simple but give awesome effect to gift wrapper. Use Colorful and big buttons which are truly loved by any children.
simple Gift wrapping ideas
Button knot in gift wrapping

2) Paper Feather for gift wrapping

Cut different feather shapes from thin paper-chart and then cut them from outer border so that it looks like original feather. Here in below picture, You can see different shaped and colored artificial feathers.
paper feather DIY gift wrapping ideas
Feather gift decoration

3) Cone gift wrapping ideas for small gifts

In this technique, You don’t need any box for gift-packing. Just make a cone using gift wrap paper and decorate those cones using paper- butterfly which are made from simple cutting of gift wrap paper. Get more clear idea from below picture.
Cone Gift wrapping ideas for small gifts
Cone shaped Gift wrapping ideas

4) Little paper bow decoration on gift

Simple steps to make a paper bow as shown in below picture. Just cut three different shapes from chart-paper and bend them as shown in below. Attractive color on coffee wrap paper looks great and looks super cute. Try it for birthday’s return gift.
Super cute gift wrapping ideas
Paper Bow for gift wrapping ideas

Creative party decoration ideas are Here :: Creativity with Balloons in kid’s party

5) Photos on gifts

Stick your favorite photo according to occasion on gift wrapper.so that photo tells all your feelings with that gift box. Put a great effect on other side’s person mind.
Photo style- DIY gift wrapping ideas
Photo on gift wrapping

6) Flower design for cylindrical gifts

Cut gift wrapper’s upper part like a flower leaves and then just wrap and knot them together. It looks like a pom pom flower. It is easily done by any one and also you can change another design instead of Flower leaves.
Flower gift wrapping ideas
Pom-Pom Flower design for gift wrapping

7) Old lace, wool thread and different paper shapes in gift wrapping

Make a bow from old cloth’s lace, so while opening of gift, person must open bow-knot. Or second idea is make a knot using wool thread. Otherwise make any creative design from wrapping paper.
DIY gift wrapping ideas
Use daily waste things in gift decoration

8) Washi Tape’s shape in Gift decoration

Make a different sized tags and stars and stick them on thread or string. Wrap that string around the gift-box. It looks different with beautiful effect on gift wrapping.
Washi tape in DIY gift wrapping ideas
Washi tape in gift decoration
Above DIY gift wrapping and decoration ideas make your gift more attractive and center of attraction of all gifts. Most of those ideas are homemade and used things are easily available in your home. So Definitely try them on your gift wrapper.  Comment your suggestion and ideas regarding DIY gift wrapping in below comment box.


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