How to Make POP Flowers

How to Make POP Flowers

He ya everyone! Am really really sorry for not posting Fundoo Friday post on Friday, but that doesn’t mean I won’t post it this week. Today is fun Saturday and ta da… here is my new post on “how to make pop flowers”.
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I guess you can understand the reason for posting this diy one day late….its just that am at home and I am not feeling like working… :) feels great being at home…life seems to be just perfect, I know you’ll agree with me on that! :)
All I want to do is just chill in this chilly weather over here with my hot tea….aha….bliss! People, it’s weekend and must be a good morning for you too. So, before you plan to “party all night”, I have a fun activity for you all.
You must have cleaned every corners of your home for Diwali and must have thrown out and replaced some knickknacks from your house. Hold on hold on, do not throw those old fake flowers. I have an interesting idea to re-use it and beautify your space.
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Take a sneak-peek right here:

pop flowers
glam up
plaster of paris floral light
on the table
pop flowers
Basic details about today’s diy:
Total Cost: Under Rs. 80/ -
Total Time Taken: 1 hour (excluding the time it takes to dry)
Is it Difficult: Nay! :D
Equipment: POP, glue, water, fake flowers
Availability of the materials: Common craft items available in local markets.
do check out my fake flower here.
Materials Required for Making

Materials Required:

POP Plaster of Paris
Bowl for mixing
Fake flowers & leaves

Steps Involved

Step 1.

Ayyeeiii….I love the smell of wet pop and I literally feel like  dirtying my hands with it. My my…wish I could use it as my room fragrance. ;) Okay, now that was too much!
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Anyways, to make this flower of pop, we need to take a bowl with approximately 3 to 4 tbsp of plaster of paris, 2 – 3 cups of water and 2 tsp full of fevicol/glue.
Stir and mix it all together with the help of a stick or wear your hand gloves and get dirty. The consistency of the mixture should be just like tomato ketchup or a bit lighter than that would also work well.
Note: As the process goes on, pop dries faster so you can pour some more water if required.

Step 2.

1. Now, wear your hand gloves and start breaking the lumps, if any and make a smooth mixture.
2. Also, clean the flowers and hold it from the bottom.
3. Now dip the flowers and petals as it is in the mixture. shake it a bit to remove the excess of pop.
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Step 3.

The main step was Step 2, now that you are done, keep it aside and let it dry. Take a look at the picture below to find out how it looks when it dries. I kept the flowers to dry overnight but it wasn’t too dry. Here I got a chance for you to sharp the edges with knife and scratch away the uneven ends. That’s it! :D

Step 4.

Yo yo, you are ready with your beautifully transformed flowers and it’s ready to be used as tea light holder and decorate your table top. Isn’t it looking pretty?
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Note: I used floating candles to glam-up my flowers & my home this Diwali!

Time for Some Show off ;)

glam up
on the glass
colored glass
pop rose
on the table
floating candles for decor
Okay, so the fact is, though I was satisfied with the diy I tried but I know it can look much more prettier than this one.
The only mistake I did while making this DIY was, I picked up the petals before it was dry enough to be moved which led to some cracks….see :(
cracks on leaves
Otherwise the overall experience was just wonderful. Hope you enjoyed the post too and will try making it. Do let me know your thoughts on this one in the commenting below about how did you find the post:
Interesting :D
Not-interesting :-(
Okay :-|
With that note, I just want to end up the post by saying “sharing is caring”, so if you want your crafty friends to see this, do give this post a thumbs up, g+ it and pin it and share this post. This would be the reward for the efforts I take to try making these crafts for you.


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