Ideas and Tips for Arranging Fresh and Dry Flowers

Ideas and Tips for Arranging Fresh and Dry Flowers

Oo la la…! Nothing can be much refreshing and vivacious than fresh flowers for home. But it’s beauty can only be enhanced if the flowers are arranged properly and with love. And guess what, in this post, you will get with some great tips on storing fresh flowers for long and ideas to arrange dry flowers. Yeah, it will be a bonus tip for you! Happy :)
Hey, did I just mention that we have completed one year (wuhuuu… :D ) with all your wishes and great compliments which kept us motivated throughout our journey with kwikdeko. We are because of you! Thanks a million dear readers for showing us your love! :) xoxo infinite times…and we really feel like decorating our office with these fresh flowers over here…
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You too can do it with little knowledge and quick tips that am going to share with you. Let’s begin with some of the arrangement ideas for fresh flowers…starting with this one (I clicked this picture when I was invited for some bloggers meet at Sheraton Hotel, New Delhi.
Read More About the Hotel Interior here.
Yellow Lillies Arranged with Sago Palm Leaves
Image via:
Wedding Table Center Piece with Fresh flowers and Crystals
Image via inspirations.prestonbailey.
Sunflowers Arranged Beautifully
Image source:
Tie-up some Flowers

Points to be Kept in Mind:

When arranging fresh flowers at home, you obviously would wish if it could stay for a longer time. Bingo! I have got some secrets to share:
Cut out the stems from the base in a slant way, say 45 degree angle for 1 cm daily or once you change the water. Use luke warm water to store fresh flowers, as warm water helps in better absorption with a pinch of bleach or vinegar in it.
Remove the leaves and petals of flowers submerged in water.
If you are tired enough and have come back late night….phew, who cares to arrange for a vase, put water and arrange them (I seriously won’t do that). Let me easy your task,  just keep your bouquet in refrigerator, to prevent it from dying.
Aha, next morning start fresh and decorate your home with fresh flowers.
If you want to protect flowers from dying and stay fresh for long, keep it away from direct sunlight and area of high temperature like above Television, on your window, or fireplaces.
If you are going to use flowers from your garden, the best time to do so is early morning.
Else, if you are buying flowers for your home, it’s better to buy budding flowers than already bloomed ones. It will stay much longer.
Floral Arrangement Around Lantern
Image via
Descending Order Arrangement
Flowers Made with Artificial Leaves (Re-used)
Image source:
Oh my Gawd! I remember this picture from one of my bloggers meet competition. We were divided into teams and given bags full of flowers for arranging. Yay, we had loads of ideas in our minds which our small flower vase couldn’t handle. So as you can see, it busted out like a volcano. :P Please do not do this kind of mess. Be simple unless you are an expert at it. Else you will end up with something like this:
Do Not Do a Boo Boo :P
Artificial or Real (Wrapped Up)


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