Give a New Look To Simple Strings

Give a New Look To Simple Strings

Hello all you lovely readers out there…. Happy Dhanteras to you all! *hugs* :) So, what have you bought today? Am sure until now, you must have finished with all the cleaning, preparing for snacks, shopping dresses, refreshing home etc. etc….have you bought those twinkling lights yet???
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Am asking it because… if you haven’t bought any new lights, here I am to the rescue. :D Yeah…in this post I’ll share an idea on how to transform your old lights to a completely new look. Wonder how?
Take a look at the tutorial steps and everything you need for making this “revamped string lights”. BTW, you can also try this idea with your new ones as well, in case you aren’t satisfied with it. I use both my old and new strings….
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This is the Final Look

Did you see the image right below? Without referring to the other pictures below, can you make a guess on how I did this? Ah…ah…no cheating!!! ;)
String LED lights
final look revamped lights
Here is an image for you to see the difference between the old and revamped look, which looks like a flower.
Actually, I had dozens of doilies left with me after I made this bowl and I was thinking of using it again in making some crafts and YES, am satisfied with what I did!
from simple to designer one
lights with a twist
Okay, so here it is. I gave this new look to my Diwali lights with paper doilies! Isn’t it a cool idea? Learn how to do it….I bet you will love this easy and effortless DIY….want to give *hugs* to me? Here I am! :)
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Before we get down to real task, here are the basic details about today’s diy:
Total Cost: Approximately Rs. 120/ – (depending on the lights you buy, I bought one for Rs. 95/-)
Total Time Taken: 1 hour (for two strings)
Is it Difficult: Nay!
Equipment: Paper doilies, string lights, cellophane tape/glue
Availability of the materials: Common craft items available in local markets.
I bought a new light for Rs. 95 and had an old one at home.

Few Things You’ll Need:

stuffs needed
String Lights
Paper doilies
Cellophane tape
A pair of scissor

Steps Involved:

I won’t write much today because there’s nothing much to explain…all I’ll do is…let the images do the talking.

Step 1. Cut the Paper Doilies

Cut the doilies as shown in the 4-step image below.
cut the doilies

Step 2. Make Cones and Stick it

Try giving it a shape of a cone (flower) and use cellophane tape to fix it. You can also use glue or even stapler to make it stay together.
make a cone around the LED bulb
in the making (covering bulbs with paper doilies)

Step 3. Turn on the Lights!

Yeah…the doilies worked so well. :D Hi-5…
twinkle twinkle ;)
And….ta da…. presenting one more image where you can clearly make out the difference between the simple and the DIY’ed lights. I took this picture while I was half done making the flower cones. How does it look?
find the difference
lights with a twist
It does look good when the lights are turned off as well.
flower shaped
near my Ganesha kandeel
Want to learn making the Ganesha kandeel used here…hop over Shimmering Kandeel with Ganesha – Am Ready for Diwali Of course, I hand-crafted it on my own *collars up* ;)
Happy Diwali :D
So…how are you feeling after transforming your fairy lights? Wonderful, isn’t it? Well, am happy for two reasons, the first reason is; success of this post and the most important one is…am going to my home tomorrow…wuhuuu….finally…after a long time I’ll see my parents… *feeling blessed* :)
ah..feels like revisiting heaven. Hey that doesn’t mean I’ll be offline eh. Will be back to see your response on this post and yes, do let me know if you too tried it like me.
That’s all for today! Happy Dhanteras and have a safe Diwali :D


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