New Year Crown

New Year Crown

Here's a fun way for kids to make a quick New Year's Crown for your New Year's Eve party or celebration.
New Year Crown
You will need:
A piece of gold or silver card long enough to fit around your child's head

Glitter glue
Sticky tape
To make:
Decorate your strip of card. We used metallic paper shapes but you could add sequins, gems or anything else. Use glitter glue to write on the year.
Tape a row of feathers to the back of the card, so that the feathers stick out to the top.
Bend the crown around your head and staple or tape into a circle.
New Year's Party Idea
If you are having a New Year's party, why not put out all the bits and pieces for making these New Year crowns onto a table and ask the children to make one for everyone at the start of the party?
Jack's New Year Crown!


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