Great resource for handmade gift ideas

Great resource for handmade gift ideas. Includes homemade lip-gloss and christmas tree coasters.

Want to give a unique gift to your loved ones, want to design a school project, Handmade posters, tree design.
We made it simple, just follow the below steps and make a wonderful tree. Use your waste material to make a wonderful handmade tree.
We here present you unique idea to create best out of waste.
1 Handmade gift ideas

Use your waste plastic bottle and make the best from it, take  lip-gloss or colors of your choice, you may make a green or pink tree depending on your choice.
Just take a bottle and follow the step as per above picture.
Now what next,  you may have drawn branches of tree on sheet, draw branches of tree and just make a bottle print,
students may use this as school projects and may won prizes, its very simple and stylish,
you may have heard about foot print, now we will make bottle print, hand made gift ideas, gift your friend a handmade painting or poster.
21 Handmade gift ideas
Finally, your work is over, your gift or project is ready. just pack it and make it best which you have created from waste.
3 Handmade gift ideas

Look how stylish this tree looks, flowers, DIY handmade flowers, school project, use anywhere you can, paste it on your wall, give a new look to your wall.


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