Making Artificial Coral with Twigs and Rice

Making Artificial Coral with Twigs and Rice

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Aha…I don’t know why but every Thursday is full of excitement for me. The only reason is, I love crafting and try hard to learn and share new things on every Friday JUST FOR YOU! And this time, am going to try my hands on “coral faux” i.e making an artificial coral.
Oh…wonder what’s coral? Here’s your answer – You must have seen those spooky and spiky hard substances found in deep seas and oceans. And these are sold (either imitated or real ones) as a decor item for the beach look. But I don’t like spending a dime on items which I can DIY myself. And I suggest the same to you.
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Faux Coral for Beach Look
You know what, this is the first time I was facing so much of embarrassment while preparing for this coral art. You must be thinking why am I saying so, right?
Actually, since a week I was hunting for twigs with perfect curves, shape and density for which wherever I traveled, my eyes were continuously stuck on every trees and branches which were dry or were falling. I even searched in some of the parks in my neighborhood.
Finally, I spotted one early in the morning while I was on my way to the gym. (Don’t go on my skinny body…am too STRONG!!! buhuhahhaa… ;) ) My 6 feet tall brother was with me and we entered the park. He spotted a branch on a stark tree and broke down one for me. I was literally happy finding it, as if a kid was gifted a handful of his favorite chocolates.
Now, listen to this one…the most embarrassing part: When my brother handed over that extra-long branch in my hand, I noticed that he started moving fast and disappeared within a minute as if he was missing something. I thought he got a nature’s call! :P
So, I moved on. In between, I saw my neighbor ready to leave for his office but he stopped! Yes, he had to (!) because I was looking so weird holding a 5 ft” branch and walking with a smile. Staring at me for seconds, he smiled and asked:
My neighbor: hehe..hey, Priti…what are you going to do with that  ugly branch? :P
Me: Just for some craft work, I said and left faster than my brother did. 
I reached home and asked my brother,
Me: Where the hell did you go leaving me alone,
to which he replied.
My Brother: Sheeeesh…I cannot walk with my sister holding garbage in her hand, I was feeling ill at ease, he said and burst out laughing.
Darn him! :-/ Huh…who cares! When he saw the outcome of what I DIY’ed he was just spell-bound and appreciated it! Am sure you are going to adore it too… :)
So, here’s presenting my Coral Faux which I crafted with spooky love for Halloween and for the Diwali too. *grins*

Final Result: This is What We Are Making Today


final look faux coral

Some Information About the Coral Faux:

Total Time Taken: 3 to 4 hours
Is it Difficult: Nahhh…
Equipment: Twigs, Spray Paint, Glue, Rice & Lentil
Availability of the materials: All the materials are easily available either at your home or your neighbor’s. ;)

Stuffs You’ll Need

stuffs needed
Twigs: Dense twigs with proper thickness makes it look more gorgeous
Rice and lentils
Spray paints
Flat paint brush and color plate
Yo Yo Hand-gloves ;)
Thermocol balls for decoration

Now Let’s Get Down to The Real Job

Step. 1

Clean the twig with a dry and soft piece of cloth or brush. Break it into parts to get the appropriate height of twigs you want. Try to choose those parts of the branch which are dense but clear enough with some curves.

twigs & glue

Step. 2

Pour some glue in your color plate and mix it with water. With the help of your flat paint brush, mix approximately 2/3rd part glue with 1/3rd part of water.
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Step. 3

Wear your hand-gloves and with the flat brush start applying glue on the twigs. You can work on only one twig at a time. With the glue, cover upto 8 to 10 inches of the twig at once.

gluing the twig
Now, spread the mixture of lentils and rice in a plate and start covering the glued part of the twig with it.

lentil and rice

glue it up
I covered the glued part by completely putting the twigs on the plate and rolled it over the rice and lentil for a second and kept it aide.
Do not touch or disturb the twigs, let it completely dry for 5 to 10 minutes and then work on the other part of the twig. When you are done…this is how it looks after drying.

let it dry
I am feeling like am being served a rice Popsicle. Eww… :P

Step. 4

Now that you are done with the sticky but the most important step for making this faux coral, we now move on to my most favorite part i.e.
fuss fuss :P spray painting. Lay a sheet of newspaper on the table & start spray painting by covering the rice and lentils on the twigs properly. Again, let it dry.

spray paint the twigs
I left it overnight to dry but 1 hour is sufficient for you. If you want to, you can spray a second coat of paint on it. Let it dry and Voila! You are done! ! ! Here’s how it looks.. plz do Handle with Care! :)

final coral

Step. 5

This is the final step, where you can do whatever you like. The beauty in red is right in front of you, you just need to use it the way you want. Oops, what did I just say??? I didn’t mean that! *making puppy face* :P
To make the twigs stay together, I used sand and colorful thermocol balls in the glass jar/vase for filling. I was searching for artificial moss, sea shells and beads but ended up with these because the local shops near my place had limited craft supplies.

thermocol and sand for the filling
Decorate any corner of your home with our DIY’ed faux coral the perfect place to consider is the center or dining table. Please don’t laugh at me just because I used moi beer mug ;) . Hey, I remember, I won this beer mug in Dandiya competition…and am posting it on Navratri…what a co-incidence!
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Sharing Some Shots I love the Most :)


my <3 crush!

for the Halloween :-o
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