Paper Origami Lampshade

Innovative Ideas to Make Lamps – Adults Craft

Guess what? I have got something very interesting and unique to show you, yes…it’s a complete DIY (do it yourself) craft ideas to make a lamp. These lamps are very easy to make and the best part is you don’t need to incur heavy expenses. You must be thinking…what is so interesting about these lamps?
Let me do the favor of answering this question to you. These lamps are so special because these are all made up of low cost or recycled material, which you can easily get in your home. In fact, it can be nice craft idea for kids.
I know…one can get a variety of stylish lamps in the market, but will it satisfy you to that level which you will get when you will make it on your own. For me, the answer is no. It feels great when my friends complement me for my craft works and I love that feeling.
Uh…sorry! Enough of the talks, let’s begin with.

1. Paper Origami Lampshade

Paper Origami Lampshade

Paper Origami Lampshade
Now, that’s a perfect use of paper. If you are aware of the origami art i.e. the art of folding paper into various shapes, you may create wonderful lamps shades as shown here in the chestnut paper origami lamp.


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