Patterns and Designs for Paper Quilling – Get Set Roll

Patterns and Designs for Paper Quilling – Get Set Roll

Am sure you must have seen people quilling designs in your surroundings several times but have never paid a heed to that. Okay, let me give you an example, when your girlfriend girl-friend rolls her hairs with an expression of *blush blush* or when you roll noodles with a fork are perfect examples of quilling.
Pardon me! But that doesn’t mean you can make quilling designs with your friends hair and your noodles! It’s just an example.
Damn! You know what?  When I was in school, I used to roll paper strips cut outs from my notebooks. Never knew it’s called paper quilling. LOL, I was so creative since childhood but my teachers never understood, they used to scold me when I submitted my notebooks with torn pages!
But it’s never too late for you to learn! I have got some wonderful designs for you to check out. So, what are you waiting for; cut the strips, set it and roll.
Let me first tempt you with some beautiful paper quilling designs then I will continue with “how to make quilling designs and its techniques”. So lets strip, oops I mean let’s cut out the strips and roll…here we go!
Paper Filigree Flowers
Quilling Art
Paper Filigree on Boxes
Quilling Designs
Quilling Designs
Quilled Tea Light Candles
Quilled Wall Art
Above five images via Mumsphere
Whoa! I was stunned when I saw these designs, you must be thinking it would be difficult to make such complicated designs right? Hey! It’s not so, by the end of the post I will prove it. There are so many simple and easy to make patterns that even kids can make.
Frames Made by Quilling Alphabets
Image via Laura Thoughts
Quilling Ideas
Image via Lavanya Naidoo
Quilling Patterns
Image via Oddity Central
Do you remember my post on Craftstruck family? You will be totally amazed to see their creativity on quilling crafts. So, if they can make it why can’t you give it a try. All you need is the tools for making it and roll the strips. See, it sounds so easy…
You may refer to my post here about them: A Family Full of Crafters Who Love all Things Handmade: Craftstruck
A confession to make…”I am scared to try making this designs over here”. Phew…. Can anyone try making this one?
A Complex Quilling Design


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